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Message From Secretary Foxx

To All Department of Transportation Employees:

I am disappointed and frustrated to be writing to you in the midst of the government shutdown.  Because Congress was not able to reach an agreement to fund our budget, many of you were unable to come to work this week.  I hope that Congress will act quickly to resolve this unnecessary and avoidable situation, so that we can all get back to work ensuring the safety and efficiency of our nation’s transportation system.  

As the President said, public service is noble – and important.  Your work impacts every American who uses our roads, rails, airways, and waterways to support their business and to get where they need to go.  

While we will always support safety, our top priority, this shutdown will have wide-ranging impacts, such as hurting our ability to start new projects the American people want and to make infrastructure repairs they need.  Closer to home, I know the strain that it is placing on you and your families, too, and I want you to know that I truly appreciate and respect the work that each of you does on behalf of the American people.  

Thank you again for your hard work, dedication, and patience through this process, and for your continued service to the Department, the Nation, and the American people.

Updated: Thursday, October 3, 2013
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