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Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines confirmed the accuracy of this table on December 3, 2019.  Airline policies are subject to change.  Additional information is available on Hawaiian’s website here.

Tips for families: How would an adult best ensure he or she is seated next to a family member under the age of 14 when flying your airline?

  • Book as early as possible and reserve seats together at the time of purchase.
  • For all fares except Main Cabin Basic fares, Hawaiian enables customers to make seat choices while booking online or through a reservations agent on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Main Cabin Basic fares do not enable customers to select seats during booking.  Hawaiian Airlines recommends that family members who want to sit together select a fare option with less restrictions than Main Cabin Basic. 
  • Confirm any seat selections made through an online travel agent on
    • Indirect booking channels might not have real-time seating inventory available. 
  • Book children on the same reservation as adults. If members of your family are on different reservations, call Hawaiian Airlines’ reservations and its agents will assist putting your family on a single reservation.
    • Hawaiian Airlines will attempt to seat children with at least one adult family member before your family arrives at the airport even if family members purchase Main Cabin Basic fares, but will only know members of a family are traveling together if they are on the same reservation record. 
  • Note: Hawaiian’s ability to seat family members together after booking, particularly family members with Main Cabin Basic tickets and families with children 12 or older, is subject to the demand for family seating on your flight.
    • Hawaiian Airlines prioritizes seating children 11 years old and younger with family members and makes best efforts to seat children 12 and older with an accompanying adult.  This age corresponds with its policy that children age 12 and older can travel unaccompanied.   
    • Hawaiian Airlines also prioritizes keeping groups together if seats must be reassigned due to an equipment change.
  • If you were unable to select seats together for your family at booking, utilize “My Trips” on Hawaiian Airlines’ website and check-in online up to 24 hours before your flight.
  • Customers who purchased First Class, Extra Comfort, or Main Cabin fares can check “My Trips” anytime after booking to see if adjacent seating has become available for their selection or adjacent seats have otherwise been assigned.
  • Customers who purchased Main Cabin Basic fares can check “My Trips” starting 72 hours in advance of flight to see if seats together have been assigned.  Main Cabin Basic ticket holders may also view and select from available seats once the check-in window opens 24 hours from departure. 
  • If your family does not have seats together after online check-in, plan to arrive at the airport early and ask an agent to help you.

Seating Policy

Seating Model: Does your airline provide seat assignments or does it use an open seating model?

  • Hawaiian Airlines provides seat assignments.

Advance Seat Selection: Does your airline enable consumers to reserve seats at booking?

  • Customers purchasing First Class, Extra Comfort, and Main Cabin fares may select seats during booking.
  • Main Cabin Basic ticket holders may only select from available seats when the check-in window opens 24 hours from departure.

Fee: Does your airline charge an additional fee for these advance seat reservations?

  • Seat selection from available seats in your class is complimentary.


Airline: What disclosures relevant to family seating does your airline provide to consumers during the booking process?

  • Hawaiian Airlines requires customers selecting Main Cabin Basic fares online to affirmatively click an acknowledgment indicating acceptance of particular restrictions.  The restrictions disclosed include that seat selection is not available until you check in, Main Cabin Basic Tickets are not eligible for upgrades to Extra Comfort, Preferred Seat, or First Class, and the Main Cabin Basic fare is the last group to board.
  • Customers booking by phone are notified of Main Cabin Basic’s restrictions before purchase.

Travel Agent: If your airline allows others to sell tickets on its behalf, do the family seating disclosures provided by these entities differ from the disclosures provided when booking directly with the airline?

  • Hawaiian Airlines has worked with its distribution partners to ensure its travel agents have the correct messaging and verbiage to communicate the Main Cabin Basic fare restrictions to customers.  However, Hawaiian cannot guarantee this information is always provided by travel agents or is provided in the same way as it would be provided to customers booking directly with Hawaiian.
Updated: Friday, December 13, 2019
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