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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines confirmed the accuracy of this table on June 25, 2019.  Airline policies are subject to change.  Additional information is available on Frontier’s website here.

Tips for families: How would an adult best ensure he or she is seated next to a family member under the age of 14 when flying your airline?

  • Book as early as possible and purchase the option of selecting an advance seat assignment to reserve seats together. 
    • If you do not purchase advance seat reservations, Frontier’s system will assign seats at check-in, but seats together may not be available.
  • If you book travel using a travel agent, access to make seat selections as soon as possible.
    •  You can only select seats directly with Frontier Airlines. 
  • Book children on the same reservation as adults.
    • Frontier’s system will only be able to detect and help families flying together (see below) if all the passengers are on the same reservation record.
    • Frontier prioritizes keeping groups together if it must reassign seats due to an equipment change.
  • Check-in as early as possible, including online or through the Frontier Airlines mobile app.
    • Frontier’s system will try and assign groups seats together at check-in, if seats together are available.
  • If your family does not get preassigned seats together, talk to the gate agent who will try to assist you.  However, depending on availability, seats together are not guaranteed.
  • Frontier blocks a limited number of seats that are released after check-in that may be used for a variety of purposes, including seating families together  

Seating Policy

Seating Model: Does your airline provide seat assignments or does it use an open seating model?

  • Frontier Airlines offers advance seat assignments.

Advance Seat Selection: Does your airline enable consumers to reserve seats at booking?

  • Yes, customers purchasing tickets through Frontier Airlines may select seats during booking.  Customers purchasing fares through travel agents may select seats through Frontier’s website after purchase.

Fee: Does your airline charge an additional fee for these advance seat reservations?

  • Yes, advance seat assignments are only available for a fee.  Customers may purchase advance seat selection a la carte, or through bundles of amenities for purchase which include advance seat selection. Otherwise, Frontier will assign seats at check-in.


Airline: What disclosures relevant to family seating does your airline provide to consumers during the booking process?

  • Customers are informed during the booking process that advance seat selection is an additional cost.
  • A link “What if I don’t select a seat?” is provided to customers during the booking process which, once clicked, states that seats are randomly assigned at check-in and while the airline will try and keep groups together, the only way the customer can guarantee sitting together is to select a seat at booking.
  • Customers booking by phone are notified about seating restrictions or other limitations related to families sitting together upon request.

Travel Agent: If your airline allows others to sell tickets on its behalf, do the family seating disclosures provided by these entities differ from the disclosures provided when booking directly with the airline?

  • Yes. Not all online travel agents disclose that advance seat selection is an additional charge.  No information is available specifically regarding family seating.
  • Customers purchasing tickets by phone are notified about seating restrictions or other limitations related to families sitting together upon request.
Updated: Friday, September 13, 2019
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