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Reconnecting Communities Grant Opportunity Alert: Inaccessible Workspace in

The Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program Funding Opportunity Number: DOT-RCP-FY22-01 grant is active in and the close date remains 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 13.  
What is the issue?
On October 3, the RCP program team deleted the original package (for both planning and capital construction grants) and replaced it with two distinct packages for: 1) planning grant applications and 2) capital construction grant applications.  
DOT has not changed application requirements for the grant opportunity but has restructured the availability of forms. The RCP team made the change in order to improve application data processing. 
How are prospective applicants impacted? 
When RCP staff deleted the original package it impacted applicants’ existing in-process workspaces and made them inaccessible. If you created a workspace prior to October 4 in for the RCP program, you must create a new workspace. You will then submit a single set of forms under the planning grant or capital construction grant package. We apologize for the inconvenience of having to re-enter data developed outside of the system.
What if I already submitted? 

If you already submitted your organization’s application, no further action is required. 
I have not submitted my application, what do I do now? 

  1. If you had an active workspace, you probably received this alert: “Opportunity Package was deleted by the Grantor Agency. Workspace can no longer be modified.” 
  2. Please go to Funding Opportunity Number: DOT-RCP-FY22-01 in  
  3. Create a new workspace for the RCP program. 
  4.  View application type-specific forms on the "package" tab: 
    • For planning grants, please use Opportunity Package ID - PKG00277142
    • For capital construction grants, please use Opportunity Package ID - PKG00277143 
  5. Under the Related Documents tab in, and on the RCP website, the RCP team offers a fillable PDF form of the Key Information Table that is required per the NOFO. You may submit this as an attachment in While it is acceptable to have pasted it into a Word document, using the fillable PDF will help ease DOT’s data processing requirements. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Last updated: Wednesday, October 5, 2022