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Checklist for a Strong Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience Grant Application

Two Core Components of a Strong Project

Most U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) discretionary grants include selection criteria associated with climate change and some programs are specifically focused on climate change.  Although criteria may differ among grant programs, a strong application in this area generally consists of two core components:

  1. Reducing transportation greenhouse gas emissions (also called greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change mitigation, or decarbonization)
  2. Incorporating climate adaptation and resilience features

This checklist is furnished to spark thoughts and ideas for applicants to consider in developing a strong application.  Not everything listed here needs to be addressed to be competitive. Review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the specific program you are considering to be responsive to its priorities or requirements.

Transportation decarbonization strategies, organized as 1) Convenient, including planning, telework and e-commerce, travel demand management, and active mobility; 2) Efficient, including pool riding, operational improvement, public transportation, rail and shipping, and vehicle fuel economy; and 3) clean, including clean electricity, sustainable biofuels and e-fuels, and clean hydrogen.
Summary of transportation decarbonization strategies. Source: U.S. National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization