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Delphi eInvoicing System Deployment Schedule

The Delphi eInvoicing System deployment schedule has been released for each DOT Agency and its grant recipients. Deployment will commence on May 25, 2012, will all Agencies “live” on the Delphi eInvoicing System by Fall 2012.

The deployment schedule is as follows:

Deployment Schedule
PhaseDOT AgenciesTimeframe
Initial Roll-outRITA, PHMSA, FAA grant recipient, OKC grant recipientMay 29, 2012
Deployment 1NHTSA, FHWA Discretionary Grant Programs, MARAD, FAA Tech Center Grants, FRAJune 20, 2012
Deployment 2FTA grant recipients awarded Cooperative Agreements only (FTA ECHO users will not migrate to the Delphi eInvoicing System)TBD
Deployment 3FMCSA, OST SCASDPAugust 2, 2012
Deployment 4FAA ECHO UsersAugust 20, 2012
Deployment 5FAA ManualNovember 1, 2012

PLEASE NOTE: If you submit invoices to more than one DOT Agency, you will transition to the new Delphi eInvoicing System on a rolling timeline. For example, if you submit invoices to both PHMSA and FMCSA, you will transition to the new system for PHMSA grants submission on May 25, 2012, but you will not be able to submit invoices to FMCSA through the new system until August 2, 2012.

Updated: Thursday, February 19, 2015
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