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Latest weather information offers General Aviation pilots a valuable safety advantage

Latest weather information offers General Aviation pilots a valuable safety advantage

As the winter gives way to spring, the busy season for America's general aviation community really takes off. But did you know that weather is the most lethal of all major causes of general aviation accidents?

That's why today, along with our general aviation partners, the Federal Aviation Administration is launching the Got Weather? (#GotWx) campaign to encourage general aviation pilots to make sure they’re prepared for the weather this flying season.

Graphic showing small private airplane flying amid clouds with "Got Weather?" text

General aviation (GA) is a vibrant part of our country’s culture and our economy. But too many lives are lost each year in general aviation crashes related to weather. This campaign will help ensure that our general aviation pilots are prepared in the face of bad weather and are as safe and well-trained as possible.

GA pilots are a community of 188,000 talented people who can make a real difference. If you’re one of them, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the Got Weather? campaign to make you the best pilot you can be.

We're asking you, the GA pilot, for your help. Get involved in the GA community this flying season. Share your knowledge and skills with your fellow pilots. Improve your own skills and knowledge.

Sign up for a safety seminar. Participate in a proficiency program. Train for a new certificate or rating.

And, please, always read important weather information.

Most importantly, invest in general aviation safety by investing in yourself!

Visit the Got Weather? page at www.faa.gov/go/gotweather, where each month we’ll highlight important information on a specific weather topic and how it affects general aviation. Find online courses, articles, and other digital content to help you make good decisions both pre-flight and in-flight.

I can guarantee that safety pays off.

Join the Got Weather? safety campaign this flying season. #GotWx

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