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AASHTO announces Toward Zero Deaths safety vision

AASHTO announces Toward Zero Deaths safety vision

Today, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) joined the National Strategy on Highway Safety Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) effort, a vision for eliminating fatalities on the nation’s roadways. AASHTO has long been a valued partner to DOT, and this aggressive approach to safety —this Department’s number one priority— will only strengthen that partnership.

Rather than accepting a certain number of crashes as unavoidable, a TZD approach commits us to work across sectors and use every tool available to systematically analyze and work toward eliminating traffic crashes among all who use the roadways. The National Strategy on Highway Safety provides a platform of options for state agencies, private industry, national organizations, and others to use in developing safety plans that prioritize traffic safety culture and promote the national TZD vision.

DOT embraces the National Strategy on Highway Safety Toward Zero Deaths vision as a significant step toward eliminating traffic fatalities. It’s also an approach that echoes our own Strategic Plan, which states our goal of “working toward no fatalities across all modes of travel.”

The growing number of states and cities adopting “Zero” fatality visions --including TZD and initiatives like Vision Zero-- marks the next step in coordinating our efforts. And we at DOT are confident that a “Zero” approach can help end the heartache experienced by the thousands of families each year who lose loved ones in traffic crashes.

We look forward to continuing our work alongside the organizations implementing the TZD National Strategy.

Setting the bar for safety at the highest possible level requires commitment from everyone—drivers, industry, safety organizations, and all levels of government.  This Department will do our part by aggressively using all tools at our disposal —research into new safety systems and technologies, campaigns to educate the public, investments in infrastructure, and cooperation with all of our government partners to support strong laws and data-driven approaches to improve safety.

The National Strategy on Highway Safety Toward Zero Deaths provides an overarching and common vision that drives and focuses our collective efforts to eliminate injuries and fatalities on America’s roads. We thank the partners who developed the TZD National Strategy for this commitment.

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Is Zero Death possible? I think only zero traffic accident is possible. If traffic accident happens, death and injure cannot be controlled.
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