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Tonight at 9 (ET): the State of the Union 2014

Tonight at 9 (ET): the State of the Union 2014

If you’ve been thinking about this evening as just another Tuesday night, we wholeheartedly encourage you to reconsider.

Because tonight is “State of the Union night,” a night when the President of the United States gathers both houses of Congress, his Cabinet, and an audience of millions of Americans to share his view of where the nation stands today, where we can go in the future, and how we can get there.

For those of us at DOT, it means an opportunity to hear the President assert his priorities for the coming year. So, many of us are looking forward to tuning in tonight and hearing what President Obama has to say. And if you have an interest in transportation, we encourage you to tune in as well.

Photo of Transportation Secretary Foxx with President Obama at the Port of Jacksonville

We're excited to learn that the President will emphasize three key principles: opportunity, action, and optimism. And we expect him to lay out a set of concrete, practical proposals to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class, and empower all who hope to join it.

At DOT, we know that transportation and opportunity are inextricably entwined, so whatever the President's message is tonight, we stand ready to pitch in and help Americans find the economic security they deserve.

Now, as much fun as it can be to listen to the "inside baseball" commentary of a national broadcast, many of us are looking forward to watching the President's address on www.whitehouse.gov/sotu. Because only there can you find the more than 100 charts, slides, and other visuals designed to accompany President Obama's speech.

The White House has prepared a brief preview of what past State of the Union addresses might have looked like with similar supporting documents:

Wherever you find yourself tonight at 9:00 pm (ET), we hope you'll tune your radio, television, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the State of the Union. And don’t forget to check in right here tomorrow to hear what Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has to say about the President’s vision for 2014.

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