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With Seaway navigation season begun, Spring has truly sprung

With Seaway navigation season begun, Spring has truly sprung

Although you've read a few spring-themed blog posts here in the past two weeks, at the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation we don’t consider spring to have truly arrived until the Navigation Season opens and ships begin moving through the Seaway's locks.

And I'm happy to say that--with last Friday's official Seaway opening ceremony, Monday's opening of the two American locks, and Tuesday's transit of our first vessel--spring has sprung on the U.S.-operated portion of the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Photo of the Charlotte Theresa, first vessel to transit Eisenhower Lock in 2014 season
The vessel Charlotte Theresa, first to transit Eisenhower Lock in the 2014 season.

The Seaway offers our nation an efficient, environmentally sound artery for freight moving into and out of American farms, mines, and manufacturing plants. For American businesses, the Seaway is a unique gateway to global markets.

The Seaway connects us to valuable opportunities. In fact, it makes possible $34 billion in annual revenue for the region and supports 227,000 jobs, numbers that are poised to grow as port cities like Oswego, New York, make plans to expand operations.

Celebrants at the 2014 Seaway Opening ceremony
At the Seaway opening ceremony: Brian Benko, VP of ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Terence Bowles, CEO of St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Algoma Chief Engineer Francois Tremblay, Algoma Captain Ross Armstrong, Betty Sutton, Administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation and Greg Wight, CEO of Algoma Central Corporation.

That's why this administration has made a historic commitment to our Asset Renewal Program.

The challenging winter many of us have experienced has been equally challenging on the Seaway. So once again I want to tip my hat to those performing difficult, off-season maintenance on the American locks. Neither the weather nor the work is easy, and we appreciate their dedication. As the navigation season rolls on and the Seaway hosts tens of millions of cargo tons, we'll see the tremendous dividends that accrue from that hard work.

I wish everyone in the Saint Lawrence Seaway community a safe and active 2014 season!

Photo of winter asset renewal work on the Saint Lawrence Seaway
Winter work on the locks is no walk in the park!

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