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5-week August Recess a Perfect Time to #ShowUsYourInfraWear

5-week August Recess a Perfect Time to #ShowUsYourInfraWear

Last Friday, President Obama signed the 34th short-term surface transportation extension passed by Congress in the past 6 years, saying:

"Instead of long-term approaches where we can actually strategize on what are the most important infrastructure projects, how are they getting paid for, providing certainties to governors and mayors and states and localities about how they’re going to approach critical infrastructure projects -- roads, bridges, ports, airports -- instead, we operate as if we’re hand-to-mouth three months at a time, which freezes a lot of construction, which makes people uncertain, which leads to businesses not being willing to hire because they don’t have any long-term certainty."

Which is not to mention the fact that America's roads, rails, and transit systems --the ones that get you where you need to go and deliver the goods you use every day-- will continue to go underfunded and under-maintained.  They will continue to be denied the upgrades that might ease congestion and more safely connect people to opportunity.

This is no way to keep an economy firing on all cylinders.  And it's no way for us to live the lives we've come to expect in this great nation.

So beginning today and running throughout the August recess, we're turning our Instagram account over to you.  Just snap a photo --please do it safely!-- of the worn-out infrastructure in your neck of the woods and share it with @USDOT using #ShowUsYourInfraWear.

Show us what you would fix if we had a long-term surface transportation law. And remember to tag @USDOT and use the #ShowUsYourInfraWear hashtag.

It's gonna be a long five weeks; let's make it count!

Safety First: Never put yourself in danger to take your Infra-Wear photos.

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