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Secretary Foxx at APTA: "Transit can be a game-changer"

Secretary Foxx at APTA: "Transit can be a game-changer"

This morning, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx spoke to American Public Transportation Association members at the 2014 APTA Legislative Conference about his experience as mayor of Charlotte, NC--where “transit was a game-changer”—and about the need for transit investment to help connect all Americans to ladders of opportunity like jobs and education.

Thanks to a new report, we know that transit can plan an increasingly important role in connecting people to these opportunities.  Today, APTA announced its latest data indicating that the number of transit passenger trips taken in 2013 was 10.7 billion, the highest in more than 50 years. It’s good news that will help meet our transportation needs today and into the future.  As Secretary Foxx said:

"It's just a reality that this country is growing its population. That population's got to move, and it's got to move in an efficient and effective way. And transit is part of the answer."

But as Secretary Foxx reminded APTA members, the nation’s existing transit capacity and state of good repair are insufficient to meet growing demand.  That's why President Obama's 4-year transportation proposal includes a boost in transit investment funded by pro-growth business tax reform.

To watch the Secretary's remarks, click the image below.
Screen capture from C-Span video of Secretary Foxx at A.P.T.A.

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