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San Diego region benefits from Integrated Corridor Management, 5-1-1 App

San Diego region benefits from Integrated Corridor Management, 5-1-1 App

In the past few years, Americans have enjoyed more and more information at our fingertips, available any time and accessible anywhere.

Transportation has not been exempt from this phenomenon. The availability of useful information can improve our morning commutes to work or school and make our lives easier. Before we leave our doorsteps, we can know when the next bus will arrive at our stop or whether trains are running on time. If we're driving, we can learn what the traffic is like along our usual commute, the best way to get to our destination, and how long it’s going to take to do so.

And recently, the San Diego region launched an advanced 5-1-1 app that can provide this information and more through a groundbreaking integrated corridor management (ICM) initiative funded by DOT. Through technology, the ICM program seeks to help travelers get the most use from our existing transportation infrastructure and to relieve congestion without communities having to build additional infrastructure.

Government agencies in ICM regions cooperate to manage freeways, parallel side roads, and bus and rail lines as one integrated transportation network instead of separate systems. They continuously monitor and predict traffic conditions, keep traffic moving smoothly through adjustable traffic signal timing, and inform the public of conditions and travel options via websites and mobile apps such as the San Diego 511 app. With real-time information, travelers can steer clear of bottlenecks--and even help reduce them--by using efficient alternatives.

Screen shot from the 5-1-1 appSeventy percent of the nation’s population already has access to 511 telephone services in 37 states. The 511 San Diego app takes the advantages these services offer well beyond the audio of the telephone and puts them into the smart phone with all of the additional benefits our powerful devices offer.

Available on both the Apple and Android platforms, the San Diego 511 app features:

  • Maps with current traffic conditions and the latest incident and construction information on all interstates and state routes in the region;
  • Real-time dynamic toll rates for the I-15 Express Lanes;
  • Predictive travel times, congestion information, and special event information for the I-15 corridor;
  • Ability to view current roadside camera images;
  • Access to Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) bus routes, fares, and arrival times; and
  • Links to other resources to improve traveler commutes.

But with safety as the Department's highest priority and with distracted driving a threat to everyone's safety on the road, we caution drivers to use the 5-1-1 app before they get behind the wheel.

The San Diego Association of Governments spearheaded the San Diego ICM project in collaboration with Caltrans; the MTS; the North County Transit District; and the cities of San Diego, Poway, and Escondido. We're also funding a similar project along the US 75 Corridor.

ICM is a cost-effective strategy to manage and reduce congestion and ultimately help commuters save money and cut greenhouse gas emissions. It allows regions to get the most use from the transportation resources they already have without adding roadway lanes or transit routes.

ICM is about communities within a region working together to make life easier for travelers. That's why, next year, DOT will continue to expand ICM with new deployment grants around the country, perhaps to a region near you.

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