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A Numbers-Based Case for Why It's Time to Act on Infrastructure

A Numbers-Based Case for Why It's Time to Act on Infrastructure

Cross-posted from the White House Blog

The United States was once known as a leader in infrastructure, and we're slipping: 

Funding for the maintenance and construction of our roads and bridges will run out by fall

When the American Society of Civil Engineers graded our infrastructure systems last fall, they gave our road and transit systems a D, our bridges a C+, and our levees a D-.

But here's the real problem: The funding we have in place to fix them is set to run out by fall. That puts at risk more than 112,000 active projects that are currently paving our roads and building our bridges, as well as approximately 5,600 projects that are actively improving our transit systems — not to mention the nearly 700,000 jobs that these collective projects support.

It's time to get this done. That's why this week, the President is calling on Congress to pass a bill to put Americans to work repairing our crumbling roads and bridges — avoiding a crisis in the short term, and helping to position our economy for long-term growth.

Watch Transportation Secretary Foxx discussing DOT's infrastructure proposal at the White House Press Briefing on May 12, 2014

And today, we're releasing a new analysis that makes a numbers-based case for exactly why we need to invest in infrastructure right now — and what it's going to mean for all of us if Congress fails to act.

Take a look at the new analysis that the White House released today — we guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know. And when you do, you should pass it on.

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