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The value of transportation in promoting physical activity

The value of transportation in promoting physical activity

Infographic showing the connection between transportation infrastructure and physical activity

Transportation investments that support active travel --like greenways, trails, sidewalks, traffic-calming devices, and public transit-- create opportunities to increase routine physical activity, improve health, and lower health care costs. The same investments promote sustainability. Click here to learn more.

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The 49% percent state of bike riders in Portland is the most interesting stat for me by far. I'm am from Michigan and there is plenty beauty to see while out on a bike ride, I'd love to buy a good one and ride for health and recreation but I'm afraid of getting hit. When I see people riding bikes with their backs to the traffic and the cars whizzing by them so fast and close I think to myself that I could never do it. I'd want to see more detail about the specific stats in the infographic, I will check out the Active Living Research page.

Then, why doesn't USDOT get its funding in line with this?

Good question!
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