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Help us keep America moving

Help us keep America moving

I'm going on the road next week to talk with people about how to keep America moving in the 21st century. We're calling it the "Invest in America, Commit to the Future" bus tour because we know that America's economic growth depends on good transportation infrastructure, and good transportation depends on the funding stability that can only be found in a multi-year transportation bill.

Map of the bus toure

On the bus next week, I'll visit communities where investment in transportation is making a big difference in people's lives--where it allows them to get to a job or college, where it makes moving a farmer's goods to market easier, and where it creates new jobs.

We also know that there are places in this country where infrastructure investment is not keeping up with the passage of time because funding is constrained--where bridges are wearing down, where people don't have the resources to travel to available jobs, and where roadway bottlenecks create expensive delays for truckers trying to earn an honest buck. I'll be visiting those places, too.

But it's a big country, and I can't see it all in a single week, and I won't be able to hear everyone's stories on one trip. So I could use your help.

Photo of functionally obsolete bridge

Please, share your transportation story. How has available, reliable transportation made your life better? Is it easy to get to a good job, or is it a struggle? Is a lack of affordable and accessible transportation keeping you from connecting to opportunities that could make your life better?

For example, highway departments in some states are having difficulty moving forward on priority road projects because the Highway Trust Fund is predicted to be out of money by September. Is your state feeling the pinch? How will that affect you? We want to know!

So, please, send us your story at socialmedia@dot.gov. We'll collect these examples on our Invest In America Commit to the Future bus tour website, so everyone can see the difference transportation makes in our everyday lives. And, don't forget to look for our bus in your community next week!

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