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Happy 49th Anniversary, FTA!

Happy 49th Anniversary, FTA!

On July 9, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Urban Mass Transit Act, creating the Urban Mass Transit Administration, which was later renamed the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

In signing the Act, President Johnson said, "This is by any standard one of the most profoundly significant domestic measures to be enacted by the Congress during the 1960's."

Photo of a transit bus in 1964 and a 2012 light rail train

Two years earlier, President Kennedy had made the case for public transportation to Congress:

"To conserve and enhance values in existing urban areas is essential. But at least as important are steps to promote economic efficiency and livability in areas of future development. Our national welfare therefore requires the provision of good urban transportation, with the properly balanced use of private vehicles and modern mass transport to help shape as well as serve urban growth."

Today, in urban centers and rural communities alike, the FTA continues to support what President Johnson called “the prudent progress that Americans deserve and that they expect.”

Congratulations, FTA, on 49 years of helping to keep Americans moving!

Please join us in wishing the FTA a "Happy Anniversary" on Twitter and Facebook and tell the world why you love transit using the #ILoveTransitBecause hashtag.

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Everything evolves, and vehicles as well .... from this can not avoid

You need to focus on Philadelphia's mass transit system and please stop giving away my taxpayer money to transit agencies that are corrupt and poorly run such as NJ transit and MTA which have expanded although unnecessarily over the past years while SEPTA hasn't and is stuck with 1920's era power substations. This is unacceptable in the city that founded our country. We need to maintain our state of good repair and expand as well. NY should not be building a wasteful new subway on my dime. Philadelphia should be expanding it's more efficient system.

Happy Anniversary!
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