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FTA Awards Rail Safety Grants to Transit Agencies

FTA Awards Rail Safety Grants to Transit Agencies

As schools gear up to teach students reading, writing, and arithmetic, transit agencies across the country are preparing to educate Americans about another vital subject: rail safety.

In partnership with Operation Lifesaver, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded eight transit agencies almost $194,000 for programs to educate the public about how to be safe on and around the rails.

Graphic warning that transit safety is a shared responsibility

“The Federal Transit Administration is pleased to partner with Operation Lifesaver because as rail transit expands in communities across the country, it is essential that drivers and pedestrians have the education they need to remain safe near trains, tracks and at rail crossings,” said FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff.

The outreach grants are just one part of FTA's ongoing pursuit of transit safety. FTA is in the early stages of implementing historic new authority to oversee and enforce minimum safety requirements for all federally funded rail transit systems—to help make one of the safest modes of travel even safer.

35 million times each weekday people use public transporation: safety tips

Rail safety is a concern for people of all ages.  According to the most recent data, 432 people died at rail crossings in 2012. With these recent safety outreach grants, FTA and Operation Lifesaver hope to reduce that tragic number.

Grant recipients span the country from TriMet in Portland, OR to SunRail in Central Florida, and projects include development of awareness campaigns such as safety websites, social media ads, and even a Rail Safety Month film festival and a Boy and Girl Scout Merit badge.

Nearly 20 transit agencies applied for these highly competitive grants. Those selected were chosen by a team of safety and education professionals based on various criteria such as key safety message, readiness, and budget.

The funded safety programs will start as early as Fall 2013 and run through 2014.

More information about the individual grants is available here.

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I live in Portland, Oregon and take the Tri-Met train everywhere. Just week before last, a 62 year old woman walked out in front of a train coming the other way, and was hit and killed.

This is a waste of money and time!! The public knows how to be safe around the Transit areas and they CHOSE to ignore the signs. THATS what gets them hurt!!!! I suggest you chose someplace else to spend our money then on something that is this rediculous!!!!!!!
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