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For safety's sake, let's Share The Road

For safety's sake, let's Share The Road

May has only just arrived, and already it's shaping up to be a busy month on the transportation calendar. In addition to National Bike Month, National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and Global Youth Traffic Safety Month--all of which we begin celebrating today--we'll also be marking National Transportation Week from May 11 through May 17.

Since the month's safety messages are shared across several modes of transportation, we're kicking off May with a single consolidated message to all users of our nation's highways and streets: let's Share The Road.

That means respecting each other on our roadways.

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Now, whether you're a bicyclist, a truck driver, a motorist, or a motorcyclist--and many of us are some combination of these--you might be thinking, "Hey, if they would do their part, it would be a lot easier for me to do mine."

At DOT, we hear some version of that concern voiced by every road user, from motorcyclists and bicyclists who say cars don't give them room, to automobile drivers who say bikes don't respect traffic law to truck drivers who say that cars and motorcycles change lanes unpredictably.

There's some element of truth in all of these concerns, which is why we're asking all of you, "For safety's sake, why not start this month by staying alert for everyone on our roadways, by looking out for each other?"

As May continues, we'll get more specific with our safety tips, so, please look for those here on this blog. But for now, we're keeping it simple: the road belongs to everyone who uses it--let's share it.

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