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New video shows how FHWA makes walking, biking safer

New video shows how FHWA makes walking, biking safer

See how our Federal Highway Administration and its partners collaborate to make biking and walking safer, affordable, more accessible, and an integral part of livable communities across America.

To learn more about how FHWA works, visit www.fhwa.dot.gov today!

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I would like to see a couple of things added into the bicycle arena. Anchorage, AK has a lot of bike trails, but very few are located near office buildings or other work sites. There are a lot of winter bikers up here, but because the sidewalks are either non-existent or not plowed, bicyclists end up on the same streets as motor vehicles. Many bicyclists wear reflective clothing which helps drivers see them, but most do not. Dedicated bicycle lanes and sidewalks that are kept clear of snow would help improve bicycle access. Making it mandatory that cyclists wear reflective clothing (even a reflective vest would help) so that they are more visible during our long winter nights woud significantly reduce the number of bicycle/auto accidents. The second thing that would be helpful is to prepare and distribute a pedestrian/cyclist safety course or make commercials that address these problems. I see so many bicyclists and pedestrians jaywalk to cross busy streets where there is no traffic light. Again, coupled with our long dark nights and lack of safety clothing, they are very difficult to see. Perhaps some sort of education commercials would make a difference.

Great Video!
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