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FHWA's Pennsylvania Division sets new mark for seniority

FHWA's Pennsylvania Division sets new mark for seniority

From the first day I became Administrator, it was clear that the real strength of the Federal Highway Administration is its people.  We serve the American public effectively because of our team of talented and dedicated employees.

Those words certainly fit three of the folks in our Pennsylvania Division. Between them, they have combined for an incredible 147 years of federal service, most of it with FHWA. In fact, two of them began their careers with the Bureau of Public Roads...before FHWA even existed.

Photo of Martin Knopp, Carmine Fiscina, John Bork, Nancy Morgan, Jeff Paniati
From left to right: Director of Field Services Martin Knopp, Carmine Fiscina, John Bork, Nancy Morgan, FHWA Executive Director Jeff Paniati

John Bork has been responsible for federal-aid projects in virtually every corner of Pennsylvania since joining the government in 1963. He currently oversees more than $300 million in federal-aid projects in Pennsylvania, including one TIGER project.  His commitment to excellence has helped keep Pennsylvania moving safely for half a century.

Just two days after John started work in 1963, he was joined by Carmine Fiscina. Carmine is a well-known and highly respected source of information for our state and local partners, and for his colleagues at FHWA.  In addition to overseeing more than $500 million in federal-aid projects, Carmine is helping the Philadelphia area move into the age of Intelligent Transportation.  In fact, he received the 2009 Person of the Year award from the Intelligent Transportation Society of Pennsylvania.

Compared to those two gentlemen, Nancy Morgan is a relative newbie. She only joined the federal government 47 years ago, the last 35 of which have been with FHWA.  Nancy provides invaluable administrative services to the Pennsylvania Division Office and the public.  She’s also the “face” of FHWA for every employee and visitor, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere in the Division.  And, except for John and Carmine, she has welcomed every employee currently in the Pennsylvania Division.   

All of us at FHWA are proud to call John, Carmine, and Nancy colleagues; their dedication, professionalism, and career longevity are an inspiration!

Victor Mendez is Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration.

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