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Diversity strengthens the transportation workforce

Diversity strengthens the transportation workforce

At DOT, we understand that a strong transportation system depends on a vibrant and diverse workforce, a workforce that reflects America. And that includes women.

So, we've made it a priority to help encourage women to join the next generation of transportation professionals. We want women to be excited by the opportunities available to them in highways and transit, rail and aviation. And we need their skills, experience, and unique point of view to ensure we design the best and most efficient transportation systems possible.

One of our efforts to encourage women to pursue careers in transportation is our Women In Transportation video playlist on YouTube. Today, we added another entry, this one submitted by Cathy Gillen, and I encourage you to watch it and share.

We’ve also been active in raising this issue among the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economies, where we have been collaborating closely with our transportation counterparts from other governments.

In fact, one of the sessions at the upcoming Transportation Ministerial in Tokyo will be the APEC Women In Transportation Forum. It's the first time APEC has ever had an all-hands meeting focusing on women in the transportation workforce, and I hope it's the shape of things to come.

It’s a historic opportunity to share best practices and make the transportation sector more competitive. By actively encouraging women to choose careers in transportation, we’re setting up our industry and our economies for greater success.

Susan Kurland is Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs.

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Diversity is such an important solution to all business even non-business related activities to include all races including all sex. This will help keep the productivity strong and allow for a save good transparent working environment.

What a wonderful promotional video for careers for women in transportation. Cathy Gillen gives provides an inspirational theme on her career choice. Great job and congratulations.

Kudos to Secretary Foxx and the Fast Lane blog for recognizing Cathy Gillen as an outstanding woman in transportation and a terrific advocate for highway safety!
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