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Detroit Auto Show, an industry and a city moving forward

Detroit Auto Show, an industry and a city moving forward

It was a real honor to help kick off the North American International Auto Show this morning in the auto capital of the world, Detroit.

And especially at this moment, as the auto industry continues its dramatic comeback and the City of Detroit launches one of its own.

Photo of Secretary Foxx looking in the cab of a Chevy Silverado

Last year, the auto industry had its best year in the last six years. That’s a testament to the kinds of vehicles being made in America today--the kinds that Americans want to buy.

I saw plenty of those at the Auto Show today--in addition, of course, to all of the concept cars automakers are displaying this week. I won't single out any particular models, but whether you're a true technophile or a fan of good, solid family cars--trust me--there are plenty of vehicles out there to capture your imagination and meet your driving needs.

Photo of Secretary Foxx with Ford's Alan Mulally

It’s also a testament to the advances being pioneered that make nearly all vehicles cleaner, greener, and--most importantly--safer.

At DOT, we’re proud to have played a part in this. To have helped double our fuel economy standards, and to have encouraged technologies that prevent accidents and keep everyone on the road safer.

Photo of Secretary Foxx viewing the Chrysler display

We're also proud to be playing a role in the future of the City of Detroit. Our support for the M-1 Woodward Avenue Streetcar and for an effort to restore the city's existing bus service to a state of good repair are just two examples of DOT's investment in Motor City.

So this might have been my first auto show as Secretary of Transportation, but it won’t be my last.

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