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City of Foley welcomes TIGER

City of Foley welcomes TIGER

Foley water towerThe City of Foley is very excited to be a recipient of a $4.7 million TIGER Grant. The infrastructure improvements this award will fund include safe bicycle and pedestrian paths for residents and visitors throughout the community, and they will certainly have a very positive effect on our citizens.   

For years, a fact of life in Foley has been that our city is divided into four quadrants by the two major highways that intersect the city. Because of the grid created by the highways, key areas of the city, including the library and centrally located 6-acre park have not been easy to access except by car. 

TIGER funding from DOT will allow all four quadrants of the city to be more easily accessible with bicycle and pedestrian improvements that will create safe paths for better connectivity. These changes will promote walking and biking, and will enhance both quality of life and recreational opportunities.

Architect's rendering of Foley pedestrian bridge

We are especially happy that the grant includes a pedestrian bridge that will connect the west side of town--where all of our schools are located--with the east side of town--where our library, civic center, and downtown park are located. This pedestrian bridge will span a state highway that serves as a primary artery leading to Alabama’s beaches and has very heavy traffic volume each year, especially during the summertime.

The pedestrian bridge will provide a new opportunity for people to move safely about the city. Many city events in Foley are held in the downtown park, and in the future families are going to enjoy walking or riding a bike to these events instead of taking the car. The bridge will also allow some children the opportunity to bike or walk more safely to school.

New crosswalk enhancements at major intersections will also allow people to safely cross intersections that most would agree are currently dangerous for walkers or those on bicycles.

With a major new development in the works for our city, we anticipate further growth and an increase in traffic over the next few years. Implementing these TIGER-funded improvements now will help Foley to be a more desirable place to live, work and play for years to come. 

We were very pleasantly surprised to be selected for the grant. This was our third attempt at getting a TIGER grant, and we feel very fortunate at being awarded one. This project will build upon previous bicycle and pedestrian improvements made within the past few years, and we know it will further enhance the pedestrian friendliness of the city and our quality of life.

Thank you, DOT--everyone in Foley is just very pleased.

John Koniar is Mayor of Foley, Alabama

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