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9/11 A National Day of Service

9/11 A National Day of Service

On this National Day of Service, we'd like to honor those who inspired our new national tradition of service by taking action on September 11, 2001.

Earlier today, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx visited a middle school service project in Tucson, Arizona, with Education Secretary Arne Duncan. There, he reminded students that their service makes a difference.

We at DOT hope that the two video reflections here will serve as a reminder that when we all do our part--to help strangers as well as neighbors--our nation will not falter.

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Thank you for this post, the video was a reminder for sure. It was such a horrible and I will never forget. I was there and my dear friend passed away, my God rest his soul. It was heart breaking and people forget the sad day. It is important to always be kind, and always be aware. I am sharing this video with the family currently, so thank for it. #NationalDayOfService Warmest regards, Lori
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