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DRC Handbook Chapter 10: Scooter Loan Program


The DRC has a Scooter Loan Program to assist managers and employees with short-term mobility issues such as minor surgical procedures, accidents, injuries or illnesses that restrict an employee's ability to move around the workplace. DOT employees with mobility issues of a long-term nature should follow DOT reasonable accommodation guidelines for seeking long-term accommodations through their direct supervisor and the DRC.

Note that by definition, scooter loans are not reasonable accommodations as they are to be used only for short-term mobility issues. The DRC does not provide scooters as a reasonable accommodation as they are considered personal use items that can be used in and outside of work. Employees requiring scooters or other mobility aids (durable medical equipment) are encouraged to explore medical insurance or community resources for assistance. The DRC can assist employees in locating community resources.

When a scooter is available, both the employee borrowing the scooter and the supervisor/decision maker must agree to the terms of the program. Both parties must sign the loan agreement acknowledging that they understand the terms of the loan agreement.

The DRC Scooter is loaned on a first come, first-served basis with a signed doctor's note that specifies the length of time for the loan period, not to exceed four weeks. If the employee needs the scooter for additional time, the employee must provide a signed note from their doctor that specifies the length of time for the loan period, not to exceed eight weeks. A signed doctor's note that does not specify the time frame or includes a time frame of more than eight weeks will not be accepted.

The DRC scooters are for an employee's use only during normal business hours and shall remain in the DOT complex overnight for charging and storage purposes. DRC scooters are not to leave the DOT Headquarters vicinity unless given specific approval by DRC personnel, and at no time shall DRC scooters be taken to an employee's residence.

The DRC reserves the right to reclaim the scooter at any time. If DRC must reclaim a scooter, the employee and supervisor will be given a written (e-mail) with two business days' notice. Employees who have involuntarily had the DRC scooter reclaimed are encouraged to obtain another doctor's note and are eligible to obtain another scooter loan, subject to the above policy. If there is a waiting list, they will be placed on the waiting list in chronological order, based on the time and date of each request.

Accidental damage and routine repairs of DRC scooters are the DRC's responsibility. Intentional damage or misuse of DRC scooters may result in loss of loan privileges and/or billing for scooter repairs, to be paid by the employees OA.

Updated: Tuesday, July 11, 2017
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