Procurement Forecast Opportunity-31686-HRDI-20-07

FHWA - Washington DC / Office of Contracts and Procurement
Architectural & Engineering
Full and Open
3rd QTR
541 330

This is a research project to gather, analyze, and distill data to determine the current state of the practice for using 3D digital modeling in asset management (6D) and, based on this, develop best practice recommendations for the development of standards and specifications that provide for 6D usage.  The scope of this work is to address the development and implementation of a comprehensive guide of best practices to integrate 6D features into common asset management practice on a National basis.  This integration would apply across the full spectrum of National engineering practice, from college curricula to state and National construction standards.

Estimated dollar range: $100K - $500K

Morgan Kessler
(202) 493-3187
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