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Vulnerability Study of the Northeast Corridor - Vulnerability Study of the Northeast Corridor The Northeast Corridor (NEC or Corridor), in principle, qualifies as critical national infrastructure, an essential urban transportation route for multiple cities along its route, and an important intercity route. According to Amtrak, 2,200 trains carry some 250,000 passengers along some portion of the Northeast Corridor daily. Amtrak service accounts for more than half the traffic (compared with commercial aviation) between New York and Washington. FY 2010 travel totaled 10.4 million passengers. The share of intercity travel accounted for by private automobiles is unknown. In addition to providing mobility for urban and intercity travelers, the Corridor improves the reliability of travel by providing alternatives when, for example, air travel is impeded by weather events. Like other transportation systems, the NEC will be subject to the impacts of a changing climate. Climate impacts may include: rail buckling from additional heat; operational impacts from more frequent storms, flooding of substations, tunnels, track, and bridges exacerbated by sea level rise, flood damage from more intense storm events, heat effects on overhead catenaries, heat and weather effects on waiting passengers. These climate impacts will affect the capacity and reliability of both commuter and intercity travel along the corridor as well as freight movement. The purpose of this study is to examine the potential impact of climate change on the NEC (on the railroad tracks owned or used by AMTRAK running between Washington, DC and Boston) and its effect on rail operations based on existing and future traffic conditions.

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Alexander Roth
(202) 385-4357
Approximately $250K total. Anticipate receiving $150K from OST and providing 100K from RPD-10 David Valenstein
Is this a follow-on to a current 8(a) contract?
Is this funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?
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