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Spring Forward, then Check for Vehicle Recalls

Spring Forward, then Check for Vehicle Recalls

Don’t forget to Spring Forward this Sunday, March 11 at 2 a.m., as Daylight Saving Time begins. This is a wonderful time of year to check off a few other housekeeping details, including checking your smoke detector batteries and taking a moment to check for vehicle safety recalls.  The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reminding motorists that adding this to your spring and fall safety routines keeps you and your family safe all year long. You can also take the opportunity to check for safety recalls for child car seats and tires. To see a list of open recalls, visit

How Do I Check for Recalls?

Checking for recalls is simple but essential. Take these three steps toward a safer vehicle.

  1. Find your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The 17-character VIN is like your vehicle’s Social Security Number. It’s a unique code that identifies a car or truck. It’s on a label inside your driver’s side doorjamb. Or, while standing outside the vehicle at the driver’s side door, look down at where the windshield meets the dashboard. You’ll find the VIN stamped under the glass. You might also find it on your car’s registration or your insurance documents.
  2. Search using your VIN at Your search will tell you if there’s an open safety recall affecting your vehicle and what steps to take.
  3. Get your vehicle repaired immediately if you have an open recall. Follow the steps indicated by your VIN search. Your vehicle’s manufacturer is required by law to address your recall—and to do it for free.
  4. Sign up for free safety recall e-mails. Visit and sign up for NHTSA’s recall notifications, which will alert you about recalls for your vehicle, tires, or child car seats. This service is free.

How Can I Report a Problem?

Do you believe your vehicle has a problem that might be a safety defect? Tell NHTSA. Reports from consumers are essential to helping the agency identify safety defects.

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