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Solving for Safety: Visualization Challenge

Solving for Safety: Visualization Challenge

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) recently launched a safety challenge asking participants to come up with innovative ways to visualize data. The goal is to reveal insights into serious crashes on our roads and rail systems while improving our understanding of transportation safety.

Called Solving for Safety: Visualization Challenge, it was kicked off on June 14.  The challenge is open to individuals and teams (solvers) from the business and research communities, including technology companies, analytics firms, transportation carriers, industry associations, research institutions, universities, mapping and visualization providers. These groups can use their unique set of skills and creativity to step up and revolutionize transportation safety. Solvers will compete for cash prizes that will be awarded through a multi-stage process, with a total prize purse of $350,000.

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Solving for Safety: Visualization Challenge

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