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The National Transit Map

The National Transit Map

In the United States, transit ridership has grown by more than 20 percent in the last decade, reaching its highest levels since 1957. To keep track of the industry and provide public information and statistics as it continues to grow, FTA’s National Transit Database (NTD) records the financial, operating and asset condition of transit systems.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics National Transit Map offers data from hundreds of transit agencies about their stops, routes, and schedules.

Transit Facts

  • Americans took 10 billion trips on public transportation in 2017. Of these, 5 billion trips were on bus, vanpool, and demand response services; 4.9 billion trips were on rail transit; and 78 million trips were on passenger ferry.
  • During the last 20 years, transit ridership has increased 26 percent.
  • FTA provides funding to support nearly 3,000 transit providers – from commuter systems in our largest cities to lifeline services for the elderly and people with disabilities in small towns and rural areas across the country.

Source: National Transit Database

National Transit Map Statistics

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