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With Moving Season Underway, FMCSA Reminds You to ‘Protect Your Move’

With Moving Season Underway, FMCSA Reminds You to ‘Protect Your Move’

Buy a new suit for the new job. Make sure the kids are enrolled for the next school year. Find a new doctor. These are all items that might be on your to-do list when planning a move.

If you are one of the approximately 35 million Americans who are planning to move this year, let me add one more item that should be at the top of the list: Check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s “Protect Your Move” website.

The website is a one-stop shop for educating consumers about the moving process, and has all the resources you need to select a mover, learn about the perils of moving fraud, and take action if you think you’ve been the victim of a moving scam.

Our mover search tool gives you up-to-date access to registered interstate movers and their complaint history. You can search by name, but the best way is to obtain the U.S. Department of Transportation number of all the companies that provide you with an estimate.

Once you have selected a mover, the website can help you recognize the red flags of moving fraud. Some of the most common red flags of fraudulent or dishonest moving companies include:

  • Not providing an in-home estimate
  • The mover asks you to sign blank or incomplete documents
  • The mover makes demands for funds that exceed the binding estimate, or exceed 110 percent of the non-binding estimate.

In the unfortunate case that you believe you have been the victim of moving fraud, the website also provides a link so you can file your complaint with our agency.

I know moving can be stressful, but just a few minutes of learning about the moving process can help you avoid the stress of losing your most treasured memories.

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