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Shutdown Information

Shutdown Information


During the government shutdown, we will not be posting new content to the Fast Lane blog, and we will not be approving comments to existing posts.

You can view the DOT 2014 Plan for Appropriation Lapse here.

Employees seeking additional information about their work status should visit www.dot.gov/status.

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Please prioritize transit systems that do not have a massive capitol budget due to the climate in their state capitols. Having said this, NJ Transit has no need for grants. Nor does MTA in NY or DC Metro. They both steal taxpayer dollars and far too many of them just end up wasted. These agencies have no idea of how to conserve energy, be efficient, and avoid waste. SEPTA does and it has lived thru many budget cuts. It knows what to do and does it very well. I ride SEPTA every day to work, and the system is insanely well maintained considering how little (300M annually) they get in funds for capitol. They should get a Billion a year at the least, for a system their size. NJ Transit operates three modes. SEPTA Operates 7. So, NJ Transit in reality, despite what they claim, would be better off with around 700 to 800M a year to keep their system running efficiently. Regarding SEPTA, they have a massive network and they want to expand to new areas such as Wawa, PA and King of Prussia. DOT should prioritize SEPTA in grant funding for these critical projects. SEPTA also needs to purchase new railcars, as many are approaching 30 or 40 years old. No other system in the country has cars this old and this is mainly due to DOT's prioritizing lesser agencies rather than important ones such as SEPTA and MARTA.... I'm from Atlanta and I can tell you first hand, these two agencies are very good stewards of tax dollars. There really is no reason DOT agencies like FTA and FRA shouldn't re-prioritize where grants get sent out. SEPTA is the best transit agency in the country according to the American Public Transportation Association. For that, it should get the funds from Washington to keep it's infrastructure up to date. Washington made a promise to transit agencies many years ago, that they would provide the capitol funds. They haven't kept that promise to SEPTA. You need to make good on your word and stop prioritizing other agencies that waste federal money such as in NY. I'd like to see these projects built. They are very important to the economic engine that is Philadelphia and it's Metro area.

Hope you will back soon :)
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