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DOT meeting President's ambitious sustainability goals

DOT meeting President's ambitious sustainability goals

As part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing initiative to reduce energy use, pollution, and waste --as well as saving taxpayer dollars!-- in Federal operations, agencies like DOT are required to release annual updates that show significant progress toward aggressive energy and sustainability goals. Last Friday, all Federal agencies did just that, and DOT is proud to say that, under the leadership of Secretary Foxx, we have continued to make significant improvements in our operations, and we now are exceeding many of the goals set by the President in 2009.

It might surprise Fast Lane readers to learn that agency improvements in energy efficiency and reductions in cost and waste can make a big difference, but they do. For example, the 17 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from Federal facilities since 2008 is the equivalent of permanently taking 1.8 million cars off the road. That's roughly the same number of cars registered in the entire state of Alabama.

Photo of green roof atop LEED-certified DOT headquarters

At DOT, we've achieved outcomes similar to other agencies, and sometimes even surpassed them. Since 2008, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 29.2 percent exceeding the national federal facilities average.

Additionally, our potable water reduction in 2013 was more than 100 million gallons, which represents a 24 percent improvement from the FY2007 baseline compared to the Federal average of 19 percent. And that 100 million gallon savings more than doubles the progress we recorded last year.

We've also reduced petroleum consumption in our fleet by 800,000 gallons --or 22 percent-- since 2005. That actually exceeds our goal for Fiscal Year 2015 by two years.

These are big steps toward meeting our goals and saving taxpayers money. But we're working to do even more, and we will continue cutting emissions and waste and saving taxpayer dollars.

As Secretary Foxx said, “DOT is proud remain in the top half of federal agencies meeting the President’s sustainability mandates, And, going forward, we will continue to advance our sustainability performance and strengthen our commitment to protecting the environment.”

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If you really want changes FDOT should start giving comments to the EPA, DEP, SFWMD, and comment on the permits being issued which fly in the face of conserving anything...............