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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Construction Supplies & Services, Inc. Susan Demel , Colorado Denial 9/20/12 DBE
Charleston Rigging and Marine Hardware, Inc. Jessica Sage , South Carolina Denial 9/19/12 DBE
B & D Embroidery, LLC Darin Burnam , Wisconsin Decertification 9/19/12 DBE
BLUE SKY EXCAVATING,INC.,MBE Lisa Thompson , Wisconsin Decertification 9/19/12 DBE
Paracom, Inc. David Fukuhara , Virginia Decertification 9/18/12 DBE
Go To Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC Elyse Sadler , Daivd Berthold , Manuel Gomez , Steven Sadler Rhode Island Decertification 9/18/12 DBE
ROSSO PAVING AND DRAINAGE INC Nancy Rosso , Florida Decertification 9/18/12 DBE
Interface Construction Corporation Samuel Hutchinson , Missouri Decertification 9/18/12 DBE
R & J LANDSCAPING L P Rodolfo Padron , Jose Jesus Lugo Texas Decertification 9/18/12 DBE
Creek Services, LLC Terri Hightower , Louisiana Denial 9/17/12 DBE
LM Ventures Corporation, Inc. Mr. Leroy A. Mcgarity , Iowa Decertification 9/17/12 DBE


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