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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
M L Ruberton Construction Co. Inc. Elizabeth Pitale , Andrea Berenato NJ Decertification 5/15/18 DBE
Multitech Group, Inc. Ora Joiner , Keith Gross IA Decertification 5/15/18 DBE
Down 2 Earth Roofing and Remodeling Roberto Chapa TX Decertification 5/15/18 DBE
M2W SERVICES, LLC Maria Williams GA Denial 5/15/18 DBE
Global Gateway Concessions North America, LLC Dane Grey OK Decertification 5/14/18 ACDBE
C & C Trucking Cecil Gamble, Owner , OK Decertification 5/14/18 DBE
B J Glover Learning & Consulting Beverly Glover OK Decertification 5/14/18 DBE
Kates Detective & Security Agency and Special Events Services, Inc. William Kates IA Decertification 5/9/18 DBE
Spencer Management, LLC Justin Moore IA Decertification 5/8/18 DBE
Stone Creek Management Services, LLC Lothario Tolbert GA Decertification 5/8/18 DBE
Rock n Roll Trucking and Demolition LLC Ty Davis CA Denial 5/7/18 DBE
Reyes Kurson, Ltd. Victor Reyes IL Decertification 5/7/18 DBE
Toole Design Group, LLC AK Decertification 5/7/18 DBE
STARBURST ENGINEERING Lauren Sario CA Decertification 5/4/18 DBE
MARIO VILLAR RIOS Mario Rios CA Decertification 5/4/18 DBE
Transit Auto Parts, LLC Michael Hernandez OH Proposed Decertification 5/2/18 DBE
Solid Network Solutions LLC Maria Curcio , AK Decertification 5/2/18 DBE
The Grove, Inc. Michelle Dukler NV Decertification 5/2/18 ACDBE
Abadjis Systems, LTD Saad Ilyas AZ Denial 5/1/18 DBE
FNH Construction LLC Candace Gillespie OK Denial 5/1/18 DBE
Brown Enterprise Solutions LLC George Brown OH Decertification 4/30/18 DBE


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