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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Restl Designers, Inc Kishor S. Mehta MD Decertification 12/19/17 DBE
Logwood Company, LLC Ivy Lawson MA Decertification 12/18/17 ACDBE
Elite Parking Services of America Inc. Dane Grey, President , IA Decertification 12/13/17 DBE
Delivery & Distribution Solutions, LLC Denis Monroe IA Decertification 12/13/17 DBE
Lin Engineering, Ltd. Fred Lin IA Decertification 12/12/17 DBE
Climatech Service Harry Basey MA Decertification 12/8/17 DBE
Barbic Ward & Associates, Inc. Louise Barbic MA Decertification 12/8/17 DBE
J C Electric, Inc. John Cruz MA Decertification 12/8/17 DBE
Mouyenga Group Corp., (MG) Denis M. Mouyenga MA Decertification 12/8/17 DBE
Geospatial Professionals, Inc Glenda Bowerman MA Decertification 12/8/17 DBE
LIghtcap Industries inc. dba J C Supply Connie Lightcap MA Decertification 12/8/17 DBE
Essential Administrative Services Talitha M. Mascelli NY Decertification 12/6/17 DBE
Exquisite Mobile Car Wash, LLC Sharon Baker-smith MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE, LLC Joycelyn Abra Degbor MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Fresh Start Development Group LLC Kevin Kelly MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Alpha & Omega, The Beginning and End, Demolition Co., LLC Daniel Wallace , MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Five23 Group, Inc. Bridgette Karra MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
The Wells Resource, LLC Paula Wells MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Donna Lilborn Landscape Architect Donna Lilborn MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Nurses R Us, Inc. Erna Jean-loius MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
The Finishing Touch 1, LLC Vickie Riley MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
NetCloud, LLC Mehul Satasia MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Cromedy Construction Corporation Bill Cromedy MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE


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