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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type, LLC Joycelyn Abra Degbor MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Exquisite Mobile Car Wash, LLC Sharon Baker-smith MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Fresh Start Development Group LLC Kevin Kelly MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Donna Lilborn Landscape Architect Donna Lilborn MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Alpha & Omega, The Beginning and End, Demolition Co., LLC Daniel Wallace , MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Five23 Group, Inc. Bridgette Karra MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Nurses R Us, Inc. Erna Jean-loius MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Cromedy Construction Corporation Bill Cromedy MA Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Alpha & Omega Demolition Co., LLC Daniel Wallace MO Decertification 12/5/17 DBE
Two Hundred Inc. Marjorie Alexander NM Decertification 12/4/17 DBE
Diaz, Diaz & Boyd, Inc Joyce L Diaz CA Decertification 12/1/17 DBE
Arigato Sushi, inc. Pokeye Casserly MA Decertification 11/30/17 ACDBE
Saunte Corporation dba: NJW Consulting Services Norma Williams MA Decertification 11/30/17 DBE
Next Generation, Inc Darrell Higueros MA Decertification 11/30/17 DBE
Ledge Light Technologies, Inc Olorunfemi Bajomo MA Decertification 11/30/17 DBE
Clark Transportation Consulting & Services, LLC Brian Clark , MA Decertification 11/30/17 DBE
Young Engineers & Contractors John Young CA Decertification 11/29/17 DBE
Snap Inc. Navneet Gupta OK Decertification 11/29/17 DBE
C & L Trucking Lee Hall CA Decertification 11/29/17 DBE
JOYNER AMRI H Amri Joyner MD Decertification 11/29/17 DBE
Constructive Community Relations LLC Jill De Criscio CA Decertification 11/29/17 DBE
HR Works Consulting LLC Neil Archibald CA Decertification 11/29/17 DBE
MARION SKILLING INC Marion Skilling FL Decertification 11/29/17 DBE


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