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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Precision Daylighting, Inc. Madeleine Mclaughlin MO Denial 1/30/18 DBE
TM Consultants, Inc. Debbie Myers NJ Decertification 1/29/18 DBE
VCD Construction David Lee NY Decertification 1/29/18 DBE
Meacham Electronics Service Center, Inc. Louis Nelson NY Decertification 1/29/18 DBE
Tierra Environmental Services Inc Michael Baksh CA Denial 1/29/18 DBE
MS Industrial Enterprises, Inc. Lori Stevens NJ Decertification 1/29/18 DBE
New Horizon Electric Corp. Carlos Pichardod NJ Decertification 1/29/18 DBE
Metro Duct Systems, Inc. Julie Arroyo NY Decertification 1/29/18 DBE
AUL Sheet Metal Works Yves Jerome NY Decertification 1/29/18 DBE
Columbus Corporate Wellness, Inc. Kathryn Henn OH Decertification 1/26/18 DBE
Donnell E. Mays dba H3 Trucking Donnell Mays TX Denial 1/25/18 DBE
Solved Engineering, LLC Edward William SD Decertification 1/22/18 DBE
MONOKO, LLC Keri Monokandilo , Irene Monokandilo SD Decertification 1/22/18 DBE
Accurate Credit & Collection Services, Inc. Margaret Kenney NY Decertification 1/22/18 DBE
Geomatics Surveying and Mapping Inc. Joann Curci TX Denial 1/19/18 DBE
ARUNA Info, Inc. Rao Guduru PA Decertification 1/17/18 DBE
Monrad Engineering, Inc. Fernando Galvez NV Decertification 1/17/18 DBE
Lisa J. Larry, Inc. Lisa J. Larry IL Decertification 1/16/18 DBE
Supersonic Construction Shamim Babaei , Bahareh Hedayat CA Denial 1/15/18 DBE
Strategic Steel Construction Services Rhonda Dobison-saucedo CA Denial 1/15/18 DBE
Amethyst Seven, Inc Seritta Krafnick CA Decertification 1/15/18 DBE
Subsurface & Tunnel Engineering, LLC Mohamed Younis CA Denial 1/15/18 DBE
LIghtcap Industries inc. dba J C Supply Connie Lightcap AK Decertification 1/12/18 DBE


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