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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
V A C, Inc. Fahrat Siddiqi , Pedram Vahid California Decertification 5/1/12 DBE
Gollah Consulting LLC Samuel Gollah , Oregon Decertification 4/30/12 DBE
Vesta Rea & Associates, LLC Vesta Rea Gaubert Idaho Decertification 4/30/12 DBE
Positive Effects Inc Rita Harris-pullins , Pennsylvania Decertification 4/30/12 DBE
Advanced Technologies Integration, Inc. Lenney Huie , Ohio Denial 4/27/12 DBE
Plumbing Acee, Inc. Audrey Valorie Nolan Texas Denial 4/27/12 DBE
Carolyn Cupito Carolyn Cupito , Decertification 4/26/12 DBE
C.M.M. Cable Company, Inc. Sherone M Mayes , Illinois Decertification 4/26/12 DBE
CEC SERVICES, INC. INSPECTION AND SECURITY Charles Cason Oregon Decertification 4/26/12 DBE
SouthEastern Roofing Company of Pineville, Inc Ajay Bhatt , Virginia Decertification 4/24/12 DBE
Global Baggage Protection Systems, Inc. Enrique A. Ramos Illinois Decertification 4/20/12 ACDBE
Elite Engineering Service, Inc. Indra Jha , Michigan Denial 4/19/12 DBE
Giacomino Trucking, Inc. Ilene Giacomino Wisconsin Denial 4/18/12 DBE


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