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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
H & D Mechanical, LLC Erik Harley , Sean Duffy Virginia Decertification 5/23/19 DBE
Parmeter General Engineers & Services, Inc Brittany Jean Parmeter California Decertification 5/22/19 DBE
DNI Services, LLC Don Warren Texas Decertification 5/20/19 ACDBE
Halo Security Group, LLC Michael Qualls Illinois Denial 5/17/19 DBE
DAVENPORT GROUP, INC. Sonia Charles Oklahoma Decertification 5/17/19 DBE
SOUTHERN PETROLEUM RESOURCES LLC David Simpkins Ohio Decertification 5/17/19 DBE
Cromedy Construction Corporation Bill Cromedy Oregon Decertification 5/17/19 DBE
W. A. HARRIS FARMS, LLC Ashley Yuhas Ohio Denial 5/17/19 DBE
STORMWATER CONSULTING, INC. Jennifer Rauhofer , Theodore Scott Maryland Decertification 5/17/19 DBE
Cima Software Corporation Nelson R. Cano Pennsylvania Decertification 5/16/19 DBE
Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc. Wilbur Milhouse Iii Pennsylvania Decertification 5/16/19 DBE
Penn Fashions Jae Whee Pennsylvania Decertification 5/16/19 DBE
Williams Flagger Logistics, LLC Juan Williams Pennsylvania Decertification 5/16/19 DBE
Stratecom Solutions, LLC Shannon Debes Pennsylvania Decertification 5/16/19 DBE
Men of Vision Management Group Inc. Danny Blakeney Virginia Denial 5/16/19 DBE
Heavy Duty Transport, Inc. Sylvester Ferguson , Gloria Ferguson Virginia Denial 5/16/19 DBE
ICG Inc. Rasool Ahmed Virginia Denial 5/16/19 DBE
Akira Corp. Colby Burnam Virginia Denial 5/16/19 DBE
All Purpose Trucking LLC Patrick Wright Virginia Denial 5/16/19 DBE
Sparkle Cleaning, Inc. Sandra Vasquez , Santos Bonilla , Dionisio Rivera , Jose Bonilla Virginia Denial 5/16/19 DBE


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