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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Coutlee Services LLC Eric Coutlee , Brent Coutlee Alaska Decertification 4/2/19 DBE
CCR, Inc. Sammie Washington Missouri Decertification 4/2/19 DBE
TnT Homes, LLC Tyrone Smith Missouri Decertification 4/2/19 DBE
Cylvale, LLC Sean Burreal Missouri Decertification 4/2/19 DBE
SEEP, LLC Ronald C. Todd, Ii Ohio Decertification 4/1/19 DBE
ATLAS PRODUCE, LLC Sylvester Ballard Ohio Decertification 4/1/19 DBE
D&C SERVICES OF CENTRAL OHIO, LLC Demetrius Dyer Ohio Decertification 4/1/19 DBE
E&R MINORITY SUPPLIER, LLC Esvith Palomino-quillama Ohio Denial 3/29/19 DBE
AMOROSE LANDSCAPE SERVICES LLC Christine A. Groomes Ohio Decertification 3/29/19 DBE
GREENWAY HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC James Milbry Georgia Decertification 3/29/19 DBE
LEILA PROMISES, INC. Carrie Salone Georgia Decertification 3/29/19 ACDBE
ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS AQ, LLC Monica Rakovan Ohio Decertification 3/28/19 DBE
Clayton, LLC Anthony Clayton Massachusetts Decertification 3/28/19 DBE
Bario Aviation, Inc Mario Mcgee Texas Decertification 3/26/19 DBE
KOGLER ENTERPRISES Michelle Kogler California Denial 3/26/19 DBE
Clark Media Corporation Yoko Clark , Ken Clark New York Denial 3/26/19 DBE
CAROLINA CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES, LLC Victoria Ann Volponi Oklahoma Denial 3/26/19 DBE
E & J TRUCKING Evelyn J. Doring Ohio Decertification 3/26/19 DBE
Aone Contracting & Supplies, LLC Emmett Miles Pennsylvania Decertification 3/26/19 DBE
WC Solutions, LLC Walter Lamar Texas Decertification 3/25/19 DBE
Villa Laredo Restaurant Carlos Bella Texas Decertification 3/25/19 ACDBE
Vesa Health & Technology, Inc. Steven Gallegos Texas Decertification 3/25/19 DBE
Vars Concrete Benjamin Vargas Texas Decertification 3/25/19 DBE
TPKR Scientifics, LLC Temitope Charles Oyesile Texas Decertification 3/25/19 DBE


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