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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
V. T. HAULING, LLC Vallarie Bagley Ohio Denial 6/21/19 DBE
SPATIAL FOCUS, LLC Sara Yurman Georgia Decertification 6/21/19 DBE
MA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, INC Arvin K. Maniktala Georgia Decertification 6/21/19 DBE
MWM ENTERPRISES, INC Shannon S. Mills Ohio Decertification 6/21/19 DBE
THE CADD DEPARTMENT, INC. Wayne A. Grant Ohio Decertification 6/21/19 DBE
Salon Blue, LLC Timothy Jones Pennsylvania Decertification 6/18/19 DBE
Taylor-Dean Trucking & Supply Corporation Rhonda L. Taylor Pennsylvania Decertification 6/18/19 DBE
Price Builders & Developers, Inc. LLC David W. Price Pennsylvania Decertification 6/18/19 DBE
ON THE MOVE hygiene residential/commercial cleaning LLC Victoria Walker , Shelley Mitchell Pennsylvania Decertification 6/18/19 DBE
Live Life Construction Deborah Strothers Pennsylvania Decertification 6/18/19 DBE
DERRICKSON PIKE INC Jeffery Pike California Decertification 6/17/19 DBE
CABLE LINKS CONSTRUCTION Daniel Payne California Decertification 6/17/19 DBE
Luvrufus 34 LLC Eric R. Willis Ohio Decertification 6/17/19 DBE
LEE CRIPPEN DEMOLITION Rene Crippen California Decertification 6/14/19 DBE
AS CONTRACTORS INC Deni Smith California Decertification 6/14/19 DBE
C. E. JENKINS CONSTRUCTION, INC. Cynthia Jenkins Georgia Decertification 6/14/19 DBE
C & M MOBILE HOME SERVICE Manuel Mcwhorter Georgia Decertification 6/14/19 DBE
Road Safety Services and Design, LLC Dana Schaffer Hawaii Decertification 6/13/19 DBE
DAVE'S ASPHALT, LLC David Cortijo Jr Ohio Decertification 6/13/19 DBE
PM RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL CLEANING Patricia Murphy Georgia Decertification 6/12/19 DBE
GRAHAM TIRE SERVICES, INC. Viola Graham Georgia Decertification 6/12/19 DBE
J & D INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, LLC David Jenkins Georgia Decertification 6/12/19 DBE
Early Morning Software, Inc. Donna Stevenson Georgia Decertification 6/12/19 DBE
MTI LIMO & SHUTTLE SERVICES, INC. Mike Toye Georgia Decertification 6/12/19 DBE


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