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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Genovese Transport & Cartage Joanne Genovese New York Decertification 9/20/19 DBE
S&B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Kimberly Dubose Georgia Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
SITE SCAPES, LLC Stacie Donnelly Georgia Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
UNIQUE BUILDING MAINTENANCE, INC Sung Sig. Kim Georgia Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
NATIONAL INSURANCE CONSULTANTS, INC. Herman Lee Ross Ii Nevada Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
SIGNUM GROUP, LLC Susan Hrib Georgia Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
ABNEY ENTERPRISES, LLC Mareece D. Abney Georgia Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
Boston Bridge & Steel,Inc. Susan Burm Massachusetts Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
Marcres Manufacturing, Inc. Marlene Palmer Iowa Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
TRANSCEND SPATIAL SOLUTIONS Connie Gurchiek Alaska Decertification 9/19/19 DBE
Integrated Project Controls, LLC Maurice A. Touzard Ohio Decertification 9/18/19 DBE
INNOVATIVE FLOORS & DESIGN INC Candace Honaker Ohio Decertification 9/18/19 DBE
Midwest Building Supplies, Inc. Mr. Elmer H. Dixon, Jr. , Kentucky Decertification 9/18/19 DBE
Perma Treat of Illinois, Inc. Sara Bond , Greg Dailey Kentucky Decertification 9/18/19 DBE
BODDEN CONSTRUCTION Ohio Decertification 9/17/19 DBE
R. NEWSOME & COMPANY Robin Newsome Ohio Decertification 9/17/19 DBE
Midwest REM Enterprises, Inc. Alberto Ramirez New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
Ngwashi & Associates Marthe Jane Bwalya Ngwashi New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
Producing Applications Benefiting Laudable Organizations LLC Paul Walters New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
Dynamic Scheduling Solutions, Inc. Heather Buinicki New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
NDUKWE MAJOR PROJECTS LLC Chinedum Ndukwe Ohio Denial 9/13/19 DBE
SanuVAire, LLC Chad Sleiman New York Denial 9/13/19 DBE
NYC TRUCKING LLC Miranda Bridgela Florida Decertification 9/11/19 DBE


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