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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Midwest REM Enterprises, Inc. Alberto Ramirez New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
Ngwashi & Associates Marthe Jane Bwalya Ngwashi New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
Producing Applications Benefiting Laudable Organizations LLC Paul Walters New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
Dynamic Scheduling Solutions, Inc. Heather Buinicki New York Decertification 9/13/19 DBE
NDUKWE MAJOR PROJECTS LLC Chinedum Ndukwe Ohio Denial 9/13/19 DBE
NYC TRUCKING LLC Miranda Bridgela Florida Decertification 9/11/19 DBE
MCQUEEN-SHEARIN REALTY LLC Patrick Shearin Florida Decertification 9/11/19 DBE
PALM BEACH CONSULTING GROUP LLC (THE) Arnold Broussard Florida Decertification 9/11/19 DBE
MITCHELL'S LAWN LLC (PART TIME) Elsa Gelman Florida Decertification 9/11/19 DBE
WBI CONTRACTING OF PALM BEACH INC Jorge Perez Florida Decertification 9/11/19 DBE
Core Industrial Cynthia Sdregas Florida Decertification 9/11/19 DBE
Tripi Transportation Annemarie Tripi New York Decertification 9/11/19 DBE
B.M.R. JANITORIAL & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICE, LLC Ben Miller Ohio Decertification 9/10/19 DBE
TRIKO, INC. Ohio Decertification 9/10/19 DBE
PERSONAL TRAINER'S WORLD, LLC Richard Carey Ohio Decertification 9/10/19 DBE
V Technologies Vicky Dohrer , Clifford Dohrer Iowa Decertification 9/10/19 DBE
XenaTech Software Integration Services, LLC Jeanne Woodfin Illinois Decertification 9/10/19 DBE
Unicare Building Maintenance, Inc. Sam Son Oklahoma Decertification 9/9/19 DBE
Roca Engineering, Inc. Victor Pozadas Oklahoma Decertification 9/9/19 DBE
PREMIERE Consulting Group Alvin Aalim Turner Oklahoma Decertification 9/9/19 DBE
Pavement Repair Services Incorporated Jim Scism Oklahoma Decertification 9/9/19 DBE
Moore Janitorial Service, LLC Shawn Moore Oklahoma Decertification 9/9/19 DBE
Hasse Contracting Co., Inc. William Hasse Oklahoma Decertification 9/9/19 DBE


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