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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Ideals, Inc. Margaret L Dubbin Texas Decertification 7/16/19 DBE
Comax Contractors Tommy Nays Texas Decertification 7/16/19 DBE
E and E Conditioning, Inc. Edgardo Gomez Texas Decertification 7/16/19 DBE
Encada, LLC Valerie Marcolongo Texas Decertification 7/16/19 DBE
Kaui Drilling and Shoring Xochi Flores Hawaii Decertification 7/12/19 DBE
LPZ ENTERPRISES, LLC Ignaio L. Lopez Texas Decertification 7/12/19 DBE
Ken's Concept Dining, LLC Chee Kien Leong Texas Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
AHBE Landscape Architects Calvin R Abe Texas Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
Integron, LLC Steven Negron New Hampshire Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
Przekaza Design Associates Catherine Przekaza New Hampshire Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
Potenza Construction Company, LLC Mr. Osvaldo Luduena , Massachusetts Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
Modern Concept Builders, Inc Nhan Pham Massachusetts Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
In-Design Cabinetry, Inc Nhan Pham Massachusetts Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
Print & More Associates, Inc Jean Claude Joseph Massachusetts Decertification 7/11/19 DBE
T & M TRUCKING SERVICE, LLC Kidane Gabresallasie Georgia Decertification 7/10/19 DBE
SAVAGE MASONRY Gregory Savage Georgia Decertification 7/10/19 DBE
RWS WIRE & CABLE, INC. Vicki Woods Georgia Decertification 7/10/19 DBE
BLUEVISION, LLC James Henry Georgia Decertification 7/10/19 DBE
COCHRAN WELDING & MECHANICAL SERVICE Thomas D. Cochran Georgia Decertification 7/10/19 DBE
WASHINGTON COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, LLC Stacy Washington Georgia Decertification 7/10/19 DBE
Rod Hartness, Owner, G&H Pipe, LLC Rod Hartness Oklahoma Decertification 7/8/19 DBE
FINISHING TOUCH 1 LLC THE Vickie Thompson Oklahoma Decertification 7/8/19 DBE
Economy Janitorial Services, Inc. Diana Fender Oklahoma Decertification 7/8/19 DBE
Airport Customer Relationship Management Specialists, LLC Jennifer Adams Oklahoma Decertification 7/8/19 ACDBE


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