Fact Sheet

Tips for Student Mentees

Do Your Homework...

  • Identify someone that you admire (pastor, professor, dean, coach, supervisor, etc.)
  • Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues for mentor recommendations; ask for mentee references
  • Learn about the mentor’s organization and professional roles and responsibilities

Practice Effective Communication Techniques...

  • Practice effective listening techniques when choosing a mentor
  • Contact your mentor via e-mail or telephone to schedule a meeting ; plan monthly meetings
  • Identify a place to meet away from the office (coffee area, cafeteria, etc.)
  • At the initial meeting, communicate your expectations and identify reasonable goals
  • Honor any commitments made to the mentor and respect in the communication and confidentiality throughout the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Take responsibility for capturing what is discussed at the meetings
  • Request suggestions and recommendations regularly for working with teams
  • Request suggested reading materials for developmental growth
  • Honor recommendations to attend training, workshops, and professional conferences, if appropriate
  • Honor recommendations to participate in public service volunteer activities, shadow assignments, details, and rotational assignments

Practice Effective Time Management Skills…

  • Be punctual, cordial, professional, and prepared.
  • Negotiate an agreed upon time to hold future meetings
  • Follow-up on email messages and recommended 5-10 minute homework assignments
  • Include your scheduled meetings with your mentor around your academic or work schedule
  • Practice time management skills during mid-term/Spring/Summer/Winter breaks, lunch breaks, and other free time to meet with your mentor

Promote a Professional Image…

  • Dress appropriately for the job you want…not the job you have
  • Enter the relationship with a positive attitude
  • Believe in achievement and have confidence in yourself
  • Accept that the relationship is temporary
  • Accept that the relationship can be extended if there is a mutual agreement
  • Express your appreciation for the mentor’s time, information, support, and the sharing of developmental opportunities for you to consider
Updated: Thursday, March 5, 2015
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