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The Ohio River Bridges

Photo of Downtown Crossing


The Ohio River Bridges project is a joint effort between Kentucky and Indiana. The Commonwealth of Kentucky is leading the Downtown Crossing project, and the State of Indiana is leading the East End Crossing project. Together, the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority, a bi-state agency, has been responsible for the financing of the $2.6 billion bridges.

The Downtown Crossing includes a new bridge facility across the Ohio River, and associated roadway and facilities, connecting Louisville, Kentucky, and Clark County, Indiana. The bridge will carry six lanes of northbound I-65. The existing Kennedy Bridge, located immediately upstream, will be rehabilitated and reconfigured to carry six lanes of I-65 southbound. The project also includes improved and expanded approaches and the reconstruction of the Kennedy Interchange between I-65, I-64, and I-71 in downtown Louisville to eliminate design deficiencies and safety hazards.

The East End Crossing includes a new bridge facility across the Ohio River, and associated roadway, tunnel, and facilities, connecting I-265/SR 265 in Clark County, Indiana, and I-265/KY 841 Jefferson County, Kentucky. The crossing is situated approximately eight miles east of Louisville.

Map of Downtown Crossing and interchanges
Map of Downtown Crossing and associated interchanges.

Financial Information

Downtown Crossing

Cost: $1.3 billion


  • GARVEE bonds - $335 million
  • Project revenue (anticipated tolls) bonds - $272 million
  • TIFIA loan (secured entiurely by toll revenue) - $452 million
  • Bond Anticipation Notes (premium) - $41 million
  • Federal aid funds - $276 million
  • State road funds - $76 million

East End Crossing

Cost: $980.7 million


  • Private Activity Bonds - $676.8 million
  • Equity contribution - $78.1 million
  • Milestone payments (from Indiana Finance Authority) - $392 million
  • Interest income - $2.7 million
Updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
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