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Financial Education and Outreach Initiative - Southeast SBTRC

Southeast Region SBTRC "2020 Vision Tour"

Pictured above: SE SBTRC Project Director, Adriana Clark, offers Opening Remarks and a Welcome to in attendance.

This event included an update on efforts of Chairman, Marco Rubio Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship; reauthorization of the Small Business Act making the SBA more responsive to the 21st century economy and small business innovation; NWBC’s Chair, Liz Sara data on disparity of woman-owned firm’s inability to raise capital versus male counterparts; U.S. SBA Lender Match as a free tool that streamlines the process of getting an SBA-backed loan and its likeness to Lender Tree for home-mortgages; a Lenders’ panel discussion on debt refinancing as means for lowering interest rates to pay off debt faster and obtain additional credit; and a Masterclass with facilitators inspiring conversation incorporating vignettes around financing and access to capital experiences.  

Updated: Tuesday, September 3, 2019
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