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Pedestrian Accessibility

The Board is developing new pedestrian accessibility guidelines for public rights-of-way that will address various issues, including access for blind pedestrians at street crossings, wheelchair access to on-street parking, and various constraints posed by space limitations, roadway design practices, slope, and terrain.
FHWA guidebook created to provide planners, designers, and transportation engineers with a better understanding of how sidewalks and trails should be developed to promote disabled pedestrian access.
Explanation of FHWA's role and responsibility to oversee compliance on pedestrian access required by the ADA and Section 504.
FHWA statement on the applicability of the Access Board's draft pedestrian accessibility guidelines for public rights-of-way.
FHWA compilation of pedestrian accessibility resources, including research and best practices design publications on pedestrian accessibility.
Updated: Tuesday, January 5, 2016
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